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141 East 47th Street at Lexington Avenue

From the sidewalk, this unassuming Japanese eatery looks like any other sushi joint in Midtown, but inside, with a sleek interior, undulating ceiling, and seasonal menu, Tsushima proves to be a sharp cut above.

Ordering omakase is an ideal way to appreciate the chef’s artfulness

Traditional Edomae-style sushi is featured here, instead of the showy, super-sized Japanese-fusion rolls common to similar establishments, with prime selections of fresh fish that showcase the sushi chef’s knife skills. Ordering omakase is an ideal way to appreciate the chef’s artfulness and take the guesswork out of ordering, but plenty of a la carte options invite exploration, including a meltingly savory toro nigiri, and dense, flavorful yellowtail sashimi, along with seasonable delicacies like octopus, abalone, and sea urchin. Cooked entrees feature tender chicken teriyaki and a lightly battered vegetable tempura that delivers the right amount of tasty, flash-fried crunch.

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