TOWN Concierge NY Restaurant Spotlight: Le Bernadin







Le Bernardin
155 West 51st Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues
Notable Chef | French | Ambience | Extensive Wine List

Signature dishes include Kindai maguro (sustainably raised Japanese blue fin tuna), Kobe beef and escolar

Le Bernardin is a three Michelin-starred, Zagat-rated restaurant in New York City. The restaurant was started in 1972 in Paris by Gilbert and Maguy le Coze and moved to New York in 1986. It specializes in seafood. Gilbert le Coze died of a heart attack in 1994 and Eric Ripert succeeded him as the head chef. Signature dishes include Kindai maguro (sustainably raised Japanese blue fin tuna), Kobe beef and escolar. Desserts by pastry chef Michael Laiskonis include chocolate dusted with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Chef Ripert has gone on to open Philadelphia’s 10 Arts by Eric Ripert and Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert in Washington D.C.

The TOWN Concierge is a complimentary service provided to all TOWN clients to make their real estate experience more pleasurable. Contact me for more information.

Why I Chose Town Residential And Why You Should, Too

Town Residential Real EstateIn NY there are a multitude of real estate brokerages for agents and clients to choose. For both agents and clients, there are many factors to consider. Most companies emphasize what they can do for the agent, but less so what they can allow you to do for the client.

TOWN is different. Everything at TOWN is focused on making the clients’ and agents’ experiences pleasurable. Care extends to both the agent AND the client. 

Everything at TOWN is focused on making the clients’ and agents’ experiences pleasurable

There are more well-known firms than the relatively new TOWN. But Only TOWN has all of the qualities I believe are necessary when evaluating brokerages which elevates it over other Manhattan brokers for me and for the buyers, landlords, renters, investors and sellers that I service.

My criteria is the following (not necessarily in this order):

  • Respected, experienced management with deep industry connections 
  • Client-focused orientation
  • Strong emphasis on education/expertise
  • Convenient office locations
  • Technological superiority
  • Integrity, accountability and responsiveness

Experienced Management with Deep Industry Connections

Many real estate brokerages are led by very successful sales agents, but lack the well-rounded experience, management skills, deep industry connections and resources that can benefit buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors and agents.

TOWN is led by Andrew Heiberger who started his real estate career at 16. He is both a licensed attorney and a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New York. He founded the number one real estate rental firm in Manhattan, Citi Habitats, as well as founding the Buttonwood Development firm. At TOWN, he recruited an executive team of real estate veterans with expertise in different areas (luxury, rentals, marketing, development and beyond) that provide a network of industry experts for agents and clients that have unparalleled knowledge of the industry.

Another example is Paula Busch who previously served as Senior Managing Director at another leading NYC brokerage firm where she spent many years of her career and was responsible for catapulting sales in two high-profile East Side office locations. She most recently oversaw a team of approximately 350 agents, many of whom were ranked in the Top 1/2 Percent of real estate agents in the country by the Wall Street Journal. There are many more examples.

Even the most experienced agents need help at times and a strong network to navigate the intricacies and complications that sometimes arise in NY real estate. Well-rounded, experienced management with strong industry connections results in a memorable, better experience for all.

Client-Focused Emphasis

Most brokerages talk a lot about what they can do for the agent, but often it seems little or even no thought is given to the client which is seen as a transaction. TOWN strongly embodies a positive experience for both the agent and the client.  Consider the TOWN CONCIERGE service that they provide for all clients. The TOWN CONCIERGE, available to all clients, regardless of transaction price, provides arrangements for basically any need the client has. Need a hotel while previewing apartments? A ride?  Need a pet-sitter or child care? A restaurant reservation? Housekeeping services? The TOWN CONCIERGE will take care of the arrangements with no fee for the service. NY real estate can be stressful enough. TOWN uniquely understands this. It’s not just about properties, but the real people behind the real estate.

As one recent client wrote me:

“I will not forget your precious and incredible help!! I will recommend you to all of my clients. I felt totally secure which means you did the best!!

Technology alone cannot do that. Client-focused makes a difference.

Strong Emphasis On Education and Expertise

TOWN’s emphasis is on truly providing expert, real estate agents to its clients. The real estate industry and neighborhoods are constantly evolving, especially in New York. Whether someone has been in the business for 3 weeks or 30 years, there is always more to know. TOWN is committed to providing its agents with top experts that consistently provide knowledge of the latest legislation, investment, financing, neighborhood and real estate information. A more informed agent translates to a faster, better and more profitable experience for buyers, sellers, landlords, investors, renters and agents.

Convenient Locations For Clients

Some brokerages are simply not convenient for clients. Some have one office and some are primarily virtual offices. TOWN, in about seven months, already has four convenient, beautiful offices located throughout the city. This may not seem like an important consideration unless you or your buyer needs to sign papers or needs a meeting with various agency personnel. Strategically located, comfortable locations means a better real estate experience for all. Our offices are better than Starbucks. I guarantee it.

Technological Superiority

While TOWN realizes that real estate largely involves personal interaction, negotiation and the expertise that only a human can provide, it has made, and is making, sizable investments to provide the latest technology to its agents and clients to give them an edge in transactions. Some examples include technologically advanced offices, A VOW, fantastic, client conference facilities and the development of its proprietary listings database TOWNHOUSE with advanced search, reporting, marketing, social media and alert features.

TOWNHOUSE gives agents and clients access to all REBNY listings as well as in-house exclusives. If you’ve ever tried to search for real estate in NY and found it a confusing and frustrating experience wrought with “it just rented or sold”, you know how important this is. Better technology means less time spent, less frustration and better transactions.

Integrity, Accountability and Responsiveness

Brokers are often fairly and unfairly criticized for being less than honorable. Like every industry, there are honorable people and those that lack integrity. Everything I’ve witnessed at TOWN from the initial contact forward has been only people and principles that reflect honesty, high character, respect, responsiveness and class. TOWN preaches, teaches and practices ethical conduct like no other company I have experienced.

If you think all brokers and agents are the same, contact me and give me the chance to prove that there is a difference. Even if you don’t choose me, choose TOWN. I did. I guarantee that you’ll thank me that you did, too.

Start Earlier, Be Prepared For New York City Rentals

RentedMany renters seem surprised by the tight inventory and higher prices that have occurred in the New York rental market recently. Clients are seeking assistance to find a new home with only a couple of weeks and sometimes days left on their current leases after becoming frustrated by searching on their own.

LANDLORDS in New York City can afford to be picky. With a vacancy rate in Manhattan of under 1 percent, apartments sometimes rent in hours, not days or weeks

Concessions that only a couple of years ago were the norm are now a rarity. In fact, a recent NY Times article stated, “LANDLORDS in New York City can afford to be picky. With a vacancy rate in Manhattan of under 1 percent, apartments sometimes rent in hours, not days or weeks. Good tenants are not that hard to find.”

Due to this environment, I am advising clients to have their financial requirements together before we begin the search so that we can move fast when we find an apartment that they like. I am also advising them to start their search a little earlier than they might normally. This makes the hunt for a new apartment less stressful for the tenant and also makes it more likely that they will be accepted once we find a potential apartment. It can be very disappointing for a client to find a great apartment only to lose it due to being too slow with the required paperwork.

The full article of the NY Times article, “You Say You’re A Dream Renter, Prove It” is here. TOWN also has an excellent renter guide that you can refer to to help with questions.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

TOWN Concierge New York Restaurant Spotlight: Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

Neely's Barbecue Parlor

Neely’s Barbecue Parlor
1125 First Avenue between East 61st and 62nd street
Recently Opened | Notable Chef | Hot Spot | Barbecue

The restaurant itself spans a number of rooms and is meant to look like a sprawling Southern home

Pat and Gina Neely the stars of Down Home with the Neelys on the Food Network will open their first New York restaurant, Neely’s Barbecue Parlor, on the Upper East Side in the old Merchants NY space next Wednesday. Pat and his brothers opened their first barbecue joint in Memphis and 1988, and it grew into a small chain with three locations in the South and one retail store in the Nashville airport. For the Manhattan project, the Neelys are working with Abraham Merchant of Merchants Hospitality and Chef Wade Burch who will run the day to day operations of the kitchen. The restaurant itself spans a number of rooms and is meant to look like a sprawling Southern home (one that is dotted with little pig statuettes) with a den, a porch, a parlor with a fireplace, and a bar and dining room. As for the menu, there’s plenty of ribs in a variety of sizes and style, pulled pork, ribeye steak, and beef brisket.

The TOWN Concierge is a complimentary service provided to all TOWN clients to make their real estate experience more pleasurable. Contact me for more information.

Fun And A Great Cause In East Hampton: Roar For A Cure Carnival 2011

It doesn’t get any better than having fun and benefiting children that need our help. Join TOWN, Saturday, August 20th 2011 for the 3rd Annual Roar For A Cure Family Day Carnival ― “This Roar’s for Katy”. Besides being a highly entertaining day with celebrity guests, bands and professional athletes agreeing to attend, this is a great cause that benefits children with cancer. The Max Cure Fund For Pediatric Cancer Research, at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City, is dedicated to researching pediatric cancers, improving treatments and finding cures that will save children’s lives.

This year’s event will be “A Roar for Katy,” in memory of twelve year old Katy Stewart, a resident of Sag Harbor, who lost her battle to cancer on December 30, 2010.

Saturday, August 20, 2011 (2pm-6pm)
Rain Date – Sunday, August 21, 2011

The East Hampton Indoor Tennis Club
175 Daniels Hole Road, East Hampton, NY

This powerful video by The Max Cure Foundation’s founder David Plotkin and his wife Annemarie depicts his son’s struggle with cancer and how the foundation originated.

You can learn more about the The Max Cure Foundation here. I hope you come out and have a fun-filled day while showing your support. You can reserve your tickets here.