New Yorkers: Want An Endless Closet?

Virtual ClosetOne of the many advantages of working with TOWN is our ability to provide you with TOWN experts to solve common real estate concerns and storage has to be at the top of many Manhattanites list. Did you ever love an apartment you wanted to buy or rent only to decide against it because your wardrobe was greater than the closet space? Are you currently out of closet space, but don’t trust your clothing to your building’s basement or other storage facilities? Now there is a great alternative that gives you fast access to your clothing, is affordable, frees up apartment space and stores your items safely.

With Garde Robe, you no longer have to dream about endless closet space or pass on that almost perfect apartment due to storage concerns. Garde Robe is a service that provides climate-controlled storage and maintenance for your off-season and/or infrequently worn clothing, shoes, evening wear, furs and accessories.

You don’t even need to lift a finger! Garde Robe representatives will come to your home to pack and collect the off-season items that you are not wearing regularly. Unlike standard storage companies, Garde Robe provides 24/7 visual access to every item and provides same-day delivery and pick up service.

Every item is inspected, cleaned and repaired, if necessary, and then photographed with a description. You have visual access to every item in your “virtual closet” 24/7. Pick-up and delivery is even included in your monthly membership which is about $350 per month for 50 items (a suit, for instance is one item and many accessories are included such as shoes).

Garde Robe is trusted by many of the city’s elite including celebrities such as Ivanka Trump, and utilized by fashion designers such as Oscar De La Renta. The storage facility is very secure and climate controlled.

Garde Robe also provides other services such as luggage-free travel. Please feel free to contact me and I can provide more information on this needed and innovative service.