New 30 Second Solveris Video Shows Benefits to Your Company

At Solveris we just uploaded a new, 30 second video that provides some benefits with working with our company. You can read more about our reasons for producing a video at our blog. Among the reasons besides detailing some of why it makes sense to work with a marketing company, there are many social media, awareness and SEO benefits. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Solveris Retained By The Landhauser Group To Develop Digital Tools

I am proud to announce that my company Solveris Marketing and Communications has been retained by William Landhauser of The Landhauser Group. We have been charged with developing and updating new tools. These new initiatives keep buyers, sellers and investors informed about properties and the overall NY real estate market.

You can read more about this at The Landhauser Group blog or at our blog at Solveris.

New Solveris Video: A Quick Look at What We Do

At Solveris, we launched a new, very short video that shows some of the things we do. In addition to being a good tool to quickly see some of our work and capabilities, video is also increasingly important for marketing and search engine optimization.  While we believe video can be overused at times, we also think that used correctly, it can be another effective way to communicate certain information. We hope it gives others similar ideas.

The blog post about the video at Solveris with links to more SEO information from ZDNet and Matt Cutts at Google is here, if you are interested. The video is below and is only about 3 minutes long.  You can see more videos at our Solveris Marketing YouTube Channel. We’ve been discussing the idea of using short videos more in the future, when they make sense, to provide information and tips on topics of interest to our clients .

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. Thanks for taking a look!